iBrowser online system

iBrowser is multimedia contents browser. The core technology is IPQ file that is original image format of iBrowser. IPQ technology provides fast access to transferring rich media content to make it highly interactive on various formats, enhancing the experience of using online, offline. We can view various multimedia contents(movie, flash, bit map, and jpg) very smoothly on the same window.


 This contents consist of three theme. One is "MAP". The map is satellite image of IKONOS. You can see all over the world and a part of detailed image in the Asia Pacific region. Second is "INFORMATION". You can see the many kind of presentation data. Third is "PHOTO". You can see the many kinds of photograph and movie in the region. You can select "MAP", "INFORMATION" and "PHOTO" in the top page that is opened from "Start >>>"
 if there are a place and a theme that you wants to see, you could access it from the menu of "[Shortcut Access]" in the right banner.

Windows 2000 / XP

InternetExplorer 5.5~

Over 16 MB

[Display Resolution]
Over 1024x768

Over 1Mbps

 If you connect to the iBrowser contents for the first time, you have to install the plug-in of iBrowser. The following dialog will be displayed. And please click "install".



 To install plug-in, you have to logon to your PC as a user who has administrator.
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